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WIOA Grants For Florida! Get Trained – Get Certified – Get Hired -At No Cost to You!

Discover how Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA) grants can turbocharge job searches. WIOA grants can help unemployed professionals make a successful career transition. If you qualify for this grant, it will provide free training and help with finding a job.

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Key Takeaways about the WIOA Grant

  • WIOA grants offer training opportunities and job placement assistance for unemployed professionals.
  • The WIOA grant addresses challenges faced by job seekers during career transitions.
  • Professionals can gain the skills and certifications needed for their new careers through WIOA-funded training.
  • The grant covers various certifications relevant to today’s job market.
  • Our team is here to guide you through the WIOA process and provide personalized assistance.
  • There is no cost to you if you qualify.

WIOA Grants: Empowering Your Path to Employment

Unemployed professionals face many problems in finding employment. It can be a difficult process, from skill mismatches to changing careers or certification gaps.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)grants are a great way to overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately, many job-seekers remain unaware of their transformative power and the resources and support they provide.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grants are a lesser-known federal program which can have a significant impact on unemployed professionals. CareerSource Florida assists unemployed or underemployed workers.

The grant helps job seekers with their career transition by providing funding and resources. The WIOA grant empowers people to change their careers and take advantage of new opportunities. It can help them with job training programs or certifications that will make them more marketable. Job seekers can take advantage of the WIOA grant to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to successfully transition into a new career.

What we do

We specialize helping unemployed, or underemployed, people apply and receive WIOA grants, so we can train them, certify them, and place the in their chosen field.

High-demand Careers that You Can Pursue

It is important to note that this program is designed for jobs, and each county agency selects the careers in highest demand on their local job market. This will increase your chances of finding a job. We are an approved WIOA training partner in Florida and can help you enter the following careers.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology

Here is some information about each one:

1. Cybersecurity 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Security Analysts is projected to grow 32 percent from 2022 to 2032, which is much stronger than average. Cyberseek.org’s supply and demand heat map shows over 550,000 job openings across the United States. Some markets are even better than others. The Florida job market pays well, because it has over 30,000 job openings, and the amount of qualified workers is very low. The cyber-crime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open positions over the next 5 years. Employers desperately need workers who are certified in Security+, CISSP, Certified Security Analyst (CySA), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

2. Information Technology

With the amount of computer networks doubling every 5 years, the job demand for Information Technology workers continues to shoot up for this high paid career. If you qualify you can use the grant to get the certifications the employers we work with are asking for|: CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Azure, Software Development, and more

3. Project Management

If you have management experience, one of the hottest job opportunities is in project management. In the Florida job market the demand is especially high for project managers and pays quite well.  The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most sought-after credential for this field. CIO ranked this certification fourth for 2023. Other top certifications in this field include ITIL, Agile Master, and Scrum Master

Our career services help you create a strong resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile. These will be noticed by hiring managers so that we can help you get a job with a good income.

Approved Programs to Ignite Your Career

CompTIA A+/Network+

Get started in the world of IT with CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. Become a pro at handling computers, networks, and troubleshooting tech issues. Click to discover more

Network Security Technician

Protect networks from cyber threats as a Network Security Technician. Learn the ropes of safeguarding data and maintaining secure systems. Find out how you can step into this vital role!

Cyber Security IT Professional

Join the front lines of defense against digital threats. Become an IT pro skilled in cybersecurity and keep information safe from cyberattacks. Click to explore this dynamic career path!

Project Management Professional

Lead projects to success as a certified PMP. Gain the skills to plan, execute, and oversee initiatives across diverse industries. Take your career to new heights with the coveted PMP certification. Click to explore the world of project management excellence!

Cybersecurity Analyst

Analyze and tackle cyber threats head-on as a Cybersecurity Analyst. Gain expertise in identifying vulnerabilities and protecting systems. Click here for a glimpse into this exciting career!

Master Certificate in Cyber Security & Information Assurance Management

Elevate your expertise with a Master Certificate in Cyber Security & Information Assurance Management. Become a leader in safeguarding information. Find out how this program can boost your career!

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Become a networking pro with the Cisco CCNA certification. Master the essentials of networking and propel your career in IT. Click to explore the world of CCNA!

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

Unlock the power of Microsoft Azure as a Certified Administrator Associate. Manage cloud services and advance your IT career. Learn more about this Microsoft certification!

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Join the elite league of cybersecurity professionals as a CISSP. Become an expert in securing information systems. Click to delve into the world of CISSP certification!

“My career coach was very instrumental in helping me determine my educational path. I gave him my list of career and training objectives. He charted my options and identified advantages for each course available. He also explained career potential for each class. His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!).”

Ronni Jones

IT Security and Compliance Analyst

“He was very communicative and took the time to sit with me and outline my goals and how the training material will carve out my career path…The instructors were top notch and worked effortlessly to ensure that all students were up to speed on the material. It was noticeable that the instructors fully understood the material and were prepared for any and all questions that came their way.”

Kyle Metzger

Project Manager

“He was extremely helpful in guiding me into an appropriate choice of program to match my interests and current job demands of our area…I would highly recommend them. I found it to have a really great atmosphere. Very friendly and always helpful staff.”

Lisa Baresi-Smith

PC Technician

“I met him at a job fair. He told me about the PMP program and grants available in the area. I have thought about attaining my PMP in the past with professional and volunteer projects. He was a great coach. He knew what skills were needed in the market and the best classes to take. He even let me know the best instructors to ensure my success. The PMP training is one of the best training that I received. I would recommend them for the WIOA program for job seekers. He knows the WIOA program and what classes qualify..”

Jennifer Smith

Strategic Account Manager

What our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the WIOA Grant?

It is called the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). it is a jobs program. It provides no cost training grants to assist workers get trained, certified and placed in high demand careers such as information technology, cyber-security, business intelligence, project management and more. The idea is that there are careers in which there are not enough qualified workers and there are declining careers in which there are too many people. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) addresses this issue by providing no cost funding for job training in high demand fields to those who are eligible for this grant. This training is intended to make your skills marketable so you can get hired and get back into the workforce. This is a grant, not a loan. If you are eligible, everything is included, even the exam. The amounts vary by county but can be as high as $10,000 depending where you live.


Can I use this grant for any program I want?

This is a jobs program so you must choose something where there is a high expectation of employment. Each county has a regionally targeted occupations list (RTOL) to choose from. They want to make sure you select an occupation that is in high demand. For each authorized career, there will be authorized  training plans to choose from.

How Do I Qualify?

The three most typical classes are: Dislocated Worker, Adult Low Income and Youth (18 -25). If you have been laid off (or your position was eliminated or you were let go because of a reduction in force) from your last job, terminated, received a notice of layoff or are a military spouse you could qualify as a Dislocated worker. If you are on Food Stamps or government assistance, or have low income based on last 6 month’s earnings and family size, then you could qualify under Adult Low Income. For youths age 18-24, you might qualify if you are not currently in school. You must also be determined to be “suitable.” This is not an entitlement. The process is perplexing so it is best to speak with us first to see if you are eligible.

What types of career choices are best under this program?

You need to select a plan that can be completed in a short period of time that will increase your marketability enough to help get you placed. We look at the best ways to take advantage of your experience to add a certification that will make you attractive to hiring managers and easier to get hired. Some career choices are perfect for this: cyber-security, information technology, project management, business analyst, human resources, executive secretaries and administrative assistants etc.

Is there a catch or any hidden costs? I always have a hard time believing anything is free.

There is no charge to you if you are eligible. No reimbursement or any personal expenses. This is a grant, not a loan. Even the exam(s) are paid for. So what is the catch? We will be working with a very bureacratic government agency. The steps are confusing. A lot of schools are reluctant to work with WIOA if they can avoid doing so. I highly recommend you work with an expert.

Do you help with job placement?

Yes! The whole intent of this program is to help you get back in the workforce. We have a devoted person to work exclusively with our clients. She assists with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation and most importantly, getting your resume in front of hiring managers. We work with thousands of employers in Florida who use us for their training needs. Many of them recruit from us, so we get many job leads that are not available to the general public. Over half the jobs we have helped place people in are not even advertised. 

You can also get free job-hunting tips at Careerseekers.net. 

They believe in us!

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